Turtles sold individually. Please indicate the style of turtle you are interested in.

Featured designs: Mother Turtle- a large turtle with a smaller turtle on her back.

Other available designs: Grandfather/Lightning, Tree of Peace, Leaf, Grandmother/Thirteen Moons, Four Winds, Butterfly, Northern Lights, Father Sky, Moose, Iroquois Flower, Strawberry, River, and Reindeer Turtle. (See Additional Views.)

Dimensions: Approximately 6"L X 6"W X 6"H

Artist: Mark Fischer

Tribe: Oneida Turtle Clan

Mark Fischer is a contemporary sculptor and a member of the Oneida Nation of Green Bay, Wisconsin, Turtle Clan.
He was involved in Native American education for 12 years and was instrumental in establishing several Native American scholarships for numerous Wisconsin colleges.

Mark Fischer's work can be beautifully displayed in your home or your garden. Each piece is copper patina, welded with silver.


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