Zapotec Woven Shoulder Bags - Assorted colors and designs.
Cleaning Recommendation: Dry clean only.
Please indicate in comments at time of payment which bag you are purchasing.

Artist: Marcos Bautista, Zapotec.

Marcos Bautista has been a weaver for as long as he can remember. He is from a small town in Oaxaca, Mexcio called Teotitlan del Valle, which was established by the Zapotecs in 1465, In his hometown, weaving is a way of life. The weavings are renowned and admired worldwide for their quality and beauty. His family incorporates both traditional motifs and modern design into their weavings and produce a variety of finished products including rugs, runners, tapestries, and handbags. The art of weaving has been passed down through the generations of his family for hundreds of years, and his parents began teaching him when he was nine years old. He began weaving around ten and was able to enroll in a local University and complete his engineering degree by working as a weaver. Today, he is still learning new, more complicated techniques, as well as how to use other types of looms. He is very passionate about weaving and sharing his culture and heritage and culture with others.

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