Sterling silver cuff bracelet with lapis and cultured opal inlay.

Artist: Phil Loretto (b. 1951 - d. 2017)

Tribe: Cochiti/Jemez Pueblo

Although he passed away in 2017, Loretto is still considered one of the top Native American jewelers. His work is rare and highly sought by collectors. His unique style is complex and densely packed with symbols. In life, his passion for reading served as an influence on his work. "I got my first library card when I was five," Loretto said. "I would read five books a week on Native American culture. Later, I majored in Southwest studies and in art. I guess I've recorded history in my jewelry, because I draw what goes on in Pueblo life or in Navajo life - the traditional dances and people working in their fields. I incorporate a lot of myths and legends from South American, Mexican and Canadian Indians in my jewelry."

Item #001188